Sometimes choosing the right landscaper can seem like a daunting task. There are so many different landscaping companies — how do you choose which is best for your home or business? Hyatt Landscaping provides 3 useful tips when hiring a landscaping professional in the Charlotte NC area:

Look online and ask others for testimonials of the landscape company you’re interested in hiring. One of the best ways to investigate a landscaper is to do a quick search online to see if anyone has left reviews about that company.  You can even ask the landscaper for previous customers you may contact.  Nothing gives you a better look inside the company than the testimonials you will read online or hear in person.

Do not let the cost of landscaping or landscape design be your only deciding factor.  Always compare apples to apples regarding landscape quotes.  Material quality and quantity are often major factors in calculating the final estimate.  Size and maturity of plant material and trees can be somewhat misleading as well.  You may find one company offering a 6-8′ Dogwood in a 15 gallon container and another will quote a 6-8′ Dogwood that’s field grown. Most times the latter will be a much larger caliper and more mature tree, though they may look like the same item when comparing quotes.  Make sure you look into all aspects of the proposal when hiring a landscape company to renovate or install your landscaping project.

Anytime you hire a contractor to take handle a project around your home, it’s imperative that you find someone with experience.  Many professions have certifications and licenses that allow companies to show instant credibility to potential customers.  In the horticulture industry, these are becoming more and more necessary to distinguish between companies who have experience and those that do not.  Hyatt Landscaping is fortunate to have multiple Registered Landscape Contractors, Licensed Irrigation Contractors, and Certified Plant Professionals on staff.  Another great way to be sure a landscaping company has previous experience is to flip through their website and look at the photos of previous work. However you chose to go about it, it’s important to make sure you hire a landscaping expert that can handle your job properly.

Hyatt Landscaping has been serving Charlotte NC for over 30 years. With their exceptional customer service, competitive pricing and over 30 years in business, you can rest assured they will be able to create you the perfect outdoor living area you have been dreaming of. Contact them today for a Consultation!