When you become a homeowner, everything that you place your hand on to improve its look should be to your liking. From colors to materials, everything should look the way that you envision your domain the way you dream of! From the interior of your house, to the yard that everyone can see, your house should be you to a T.

When it comes to decorating your yards, plants are usually the easiest additions that are easy to maintain, and can add to your home. With many different shapes, colors, growth patterns depending on seasons, and allergies that they give, plants can be molded to your specific needs. Here are 4 tips for deciding on plant types for your yard

First you have to look at the amount of space you have for the plants you would like to bury. Many plants can be cut and shaped into different space fillers. With the many different plants growing in different shapes, the amount of flower or leaves on each branch can determine what can fill the right space. If you are decorating for a pathway, know that there are plants that can be dome shaped enough to cover that amount of grass that you do not want to show.

Due to the nature of, well, nature, plants come in all colors and can even be made into a specific color through some sort of artificial insemination. Choosing what color to add to your home can be an amplification of your personality. Many people like to have vibrant colors to stand out, while others like to have more earth tones type colors to blend in with their environment better. Those also call less attention, so a small mess up or mother nature not wanting to participate will not be noticeable.

While there are different ways to shape a plant, as mentioned above, there can also be different functions for your plant. Some plants can evolve into trees and bushes. Bushes are the most common use for certain plants to grow into, for privacy purposes. For something that can allow you cover your pathway to the front door, you would get a small shrubbery. There are times that home owners get shrubbery for the protection of windows from those unwanted visitors. The trees that grow from these smaller plants can also be used for shade in specific spots of your front or back yards.

The smell of a plant could be something that triggers allergies. Not that you would want to do that out of spite to someone that you do not like, but it can also freshen the air with a certain smell that is release by the bud of the plant. These smells can over take a lot of other strong smells so that your yard can be a pleasant place of zen.

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