Elements of Landscaping for Your HomeSome people can put all kinds of money into landscaping without every painting a pretty picture. To each his own, but paying attention to the four basic elements of landscaping really helps bring out a lawn that everyone could appreciate. You want your lawn to look good, right? Given that goal, start with the following basic elements and work your way up from there.

When it comes to the four basic elements of landscaping, you could take a few different approaches to get the job done. You could look at it as it’s the four seasons that dictate what you’re able to do to your lawn in your geographical area and climate. That’s important for sure. What about earth, fire, air, and water? Let’s get down to the bottom of what is required during your landscaping efforts.

Are you planning on hiring a landscaping team at least for some of the work, or are you going to do all of this on your own? Either way, the first element of your landscape that you need to address is the lawn itself. This includes the soil and of course the grass. The soil needs to be fertile for planting, and that grass needs to be kept green. This requires that you have a watering schedule, and it requires that you know what to do during each of the seasons to keep your lawn in the best shape.

For example, you’re not going to be fertilizing your lawn during the heat of the summer. You have to know what to do, but you also have to know when to do it. What type of grass do you have? You’re going to be planting new grass seed on occasion to fill in the gaps. Once you have your lawn well-maintained, it’s time to move on to the next basic element.

Now, before I tell you what to focus on next, I want to give you what someone else said were the four elements of basic landscaping. They are simplicity, unity, focus, and balance. Well, that sounds great, but don’t you want specifics? Again, the lawn is #1, and when discussing these next two elements, simplicity definitely comes into play.

Have you ever heard of how many English people like to keep their yards? Their yards are always ‘busy,’ anything but simple. That’s a certain way of looking at landscaping, but it’s best to keep everything simple, yet elegant. That means you don’t want to overdo it when it comes to flowers, plants, trees, and mulch. This is your next basic element. How are you going to set up your yard?

You also don’t want to overdo it when it comes to the third element, which is everything else you plan on putting in your yards, such as lawn furniture or that beautiful fountain. The fourth element is landscape maintenance, including watering, fertilizing and all that good stuff. Now, are you ready to take care of your landscape, or is it going to require that you get some help? For more information on all of your landscaping needs contact Hyatt Landscaping today.